I am a Production Engineer at Meta Platforms Inc., working from their London Office. I was an undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur, pursuing Mathematics as my major. Coding remains one of my hobby which I want to pursue full time later on. Apart from my love of coding, I am quite fond of cricket.

I love to analyse the different aspects of cricket, and my craze has led me to imprint it as a part of my coding identity. For those who are cricket enthusiasts, I have written a small post explaining how I came up with my programming alias - yashrsharma44.


Production Engineer at Meta Platforms Inc., London. Open Source Enthusiast.

How is this blog made?

This blog is made through a static site generator called zola. This blog is Open Source and the code is available at Github.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to xypnox for making this theme. I personally was quite fond of this theme, and its minimalistic policy made it quite easy for curating blogposts and making changes, without fearing of breaking things. xypnox concisely summarises the need of another blog - link

If you want to catch up with me, you can find me here:

Finally, mail works all the time, so feel free to approach me for a conversation or discussion at yashrsharma44 at gmail dot com